15 novembre 2010

The agency of the future#1. Gregory Titeca (Happiness Brussels).

OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX from Happiness Brussels on Vimeo.

Inizia oggi la rubrica "The agency of the future" in cui rompo le scatole ai direttori creativi delle agenzie che oggi, all'estero, rappresentano il futuro. L'ambizione è quella di cercare di capire come potrebbe evolvere la struttura anche qui in Italia. Che ruolo avrà l'interactive? Come sarà la coppia creativa? Cosa faremo da grandi? La prima agenzia a partecipare è Happiness Brussels, di cui avevamo già parlato per "Iq Font", la campagna fregiata persino del Grand Prix Design 2010 a Cannes. Grégory Titeca, fondatore e direttore creativo in grado di portare Happiness Brussels a raggiungere il nono posto nel ranking delle agenzie indipendenti stilate da Cannes, ci ha fatto la cortesia di rispondere ad alcune domande.

1. Hi, Gregory, nice to know you. Which is your tipical workday?
I wake up and have breakfast. I check the news and my mails. At 8h15 I leave for Happiness, and I arrive at 8h30. In the morning I have creative reviews with my concept providers. I try to do these creative reviews twice a day. At lunch I usually have a status meeting with the accounts. In the afternoon I mostly have one or two client meetings. I then go back to the agency, and do creative reviews, briefings for new jobs, etc. At 21h00 I go home, and find something to eat. I then answer my mails, check blogs, watch the news, etc. I go to bed at 1 am.

2. Please, give your view on the creative couple
In my opinion, the traditional creative team with an ad and a copy is dead. It is not adapted to the media evolution of modern days. What you need are concept thinkers. It does not matter if they can manage art direction or copywriting. When they have a good concept, they can match up with whomever they need to make the campaign: copy, AD, programmers, designers, etc. I strongly believe in misfit creatives. Smart people that cannot find their place in the ‘traditional’ advertising world.

3. Which are, in your opinion, your best works ?

a) Toyota Aygo Car Dance Party
This was a pioneering campaign in user-generated content. It was new and surprising, and the business results were great. Six months after we launched this campaign, the tsunami of user-generated campaigns flooded the world.
b) Toyota iQ font.
This was a product demo, but with an idea and a new creative narration. I find it very important to put the product central in the communication. The whole campaign starts from the USP of the car’s ‘agility’. It does not feel like advertising, and the results that we generated with zero media investment were astonishing.

3)“Oil&Water Do Not Mix” for CRCL ( il video è in testa all'articolo)
This is a ‘good’ idea. It is simple, but with a big impact. And it will clean some square meters of beach in Louisiana. The posters were sold out in only 48 hours, and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana had a 40% increase in volunteers. The ‘Oil & Water’ posters were a news topic around the globe. A lot of people just talk and talk and talk, but do not act. When you have an idea that can make the life of some people better, just do it. Even if you just help one person.

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