27 aprile 2011

"The agency of the future"#3: Cristiano Tonnarelli, JWT.

 Ritorna la rubrica "The agency of the future", dove intervisto alcuni dei creativi più rappresentativi del presente cercando di capire come sarà l'agenzia del futuro. Dopo Gregory Titeca, DC di Happiness Factory, e Christian Lopez, art director di Lola Madrid, è la volta di Cristiano -pluridecorato- Tonnarelli, copywriter di Heineken Auditorium. Tanto per capirci, il quinto copywriter più premiato al mondo nel 2010 secondo The Big Won e l'ottavo per Advertising Age.

Cristiano,what's your tipical workday?
 Work, study, have fun, work, study, have fun, dream.

how it's changed the creative couple?
Creative couple is going to become an open couple, extended to other professionals. Like an editorial stuff, art and copy should flirt with new media specialists, web designers, digital pr, community managers, bloggers, artists, artisans, planners and media planners. With everyone who can help to make alive ideas. But never forget that being relevant is more important than being digital.

The most successful campaigns are that are able to activate consumers, gain their attention and deserve their interaction. Creative couples should be first able to interact with the rest of the world. More interactions, more experiences, more stories, more ideas to entertain people.

Three best work that represent the future.
Hard to say only three. The first ones that come in my mind:
- Buzzman Tippex
- The Wilderness Downtown" Winner @radical.media Agency Milk+Koblin/Google Creative Lab Client Arcade Fire
- Pay With a Tweet" R/GA - Client Innovative Thunder. http://andyawards.adforum.com/reel_detail.php?caw_id=261&vd_id=34464176&year=2011
- "Decode Jay-Z with Bing" Droga5 - Client Bing

Che dire, Thanks.

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