30 agosto 2010

Strani incontri a Cannes.

Un giorno a Cannes ho incontrato un giornalista e abbiamo parlato del più e del meno. Io gli ho attaccato il pippone sul progetto "in memory of classic advertising" ed ecco qui l'articolo che ne è scaturito.
"Let’s get Classical
. This year at Cannes saw the return of ‘classic’ advertising with wins like ‘the man your man could smell like’ by Old Spice. Marco Diotallevi, a crossmedia copywriter is happy. Talking to him, one gets a palpable sense of grief over the demise of classic advertising. So much so, the man from Italy has created a memorial website called ‘In memory of classical advertising’ (1960 – 2007). Before one thinks that the dateline indicates the age of the website, it’s the timeline spanning the birth of great classical advertising born in 1960 with Bill Bernbach and its death in 2007 on Facebook. Well, the age of madmen is sure over, but the age of integrated communication is the future. In that, the good old classical advertising still has a role to play." Via: Economic Times.

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